Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Las Vegas Here We Come!

Garr was so kind to drive the entire way! I'm a very nervous passenger but I must say I did pretty well with out any back seat driver comments.

View from our room on the 35th floor. When checking in we were given the option a high floor or low floor, we chose high - second from the top! I was a bit freaked out at first but the view was amazing.

Night view is always much better.

Front of Treasure Island where they put on a show on this boat.
It's very ridiculous, don't waste your time.

Saturday we were at the pool right as it opened to make sure we could get lawn chairs. We spent most of the day there, enjoying the sun and lots of good "people watching"!

Please look past me in this picture and pay attention to the guy in the speed-o! There were a group of guys from a fraternity all wearing speed-o's, it was hilarious. We ended up leaving the pool because their party got so big, we felt run out by the speed-o's!!!!

View from the pool

The pool at Treasure Island is not very big, it was this crowded all day. We are so glad we had chairs to lay on.

My very handsome Husband in our room. The room was newly remodeled, it was very fresh and contemporary, just our style!

On our way to the Forum Shops to find Harper a present. I was so excited to buy him something, we searched until we found the perfect thing for him. We ended up getting a stuffed animal dog that says "someone who loves me went to las vegas and got me this dog" we thought it was so cute and since Harper loves dogs it was perfect!

Pretty much the only picture we have of the 2 of us and Garr took it!

We ate dinner and watched a UFC fight at Kahunaville. This was a crab salad that was as good as it looks!

We were hoping you could see the view behind us but it didn't work so well.
We had a great time together, we look forward to our next vacation!

Garrett's Birthday Weekend

Garrett turned 27 in April, we did lots of celebrating all weekend.

Cute picture of Harper I had to add in. We are in the car running errands getting things ready for Garr's birthday party.

After dinner with the Douglas family we came back to our house for ice cream cake. Harper loved helping Dad open presents and blow out the candles.

Garrett, Harper, and Bennett. The cutest Douglas Boys!

We went to a few Jazz playoff games around Garr's birthday.