Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Monday Night Garrett took Harper to his first Jazz Game! Garrett is the BEST Dad Ever - he was so excited to have Harper all to himself and go cheer on the Jazz. When he came home from work, we had dinner together then Garrett got Harper ready for the game, Harper had to wear his Michael Jordan jacket! I missed them while they were gone but loved that they could have this time together.
This is Harper looking out the window in the play area, there is a playground with slides and room to run.

This face is priceless, he is so happy! Harper loves to cheer for the Jazz when we are at home, so I can only imagine his excitement being at the game. I'm guessing this is after Dad spoiled Harper with lemonade, ice cream, and pop corn!

Of course Harper made a new friend, he loves to say hi to kids where ever we go! These two were high 5-ing, giving knuckles and cheering together.
Thanks Garr for making memories with Harper and being an awesome Dad!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full
One for the Master, one for the Dame,
One for the Little Boy who lives down the lane.

Harper says this entire nursery rhyme! It is so cute, my favorite part is when he says "yes sir, yes sir" just the way he makes the "s" sound is so funny! I brought home a library book called "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and now it's his favorite book. I read it several times a day while he fills in the other parts of the book he knows.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star Valley Cabin

Last weekend we headed up to Star Valley, Wyoming to stay at a cabin Garrett's parents own a share of. We love being up there, enjoying the scenery and family, and having a little get away from home.I am not one who loves the snow but I actually had a great time sledding, most of that may be watching Harper enjoy it. Garrett calls Harper an adrenaline junky, as soon as the tube stopped moving he was saying "again". We laid him on his back at the top of the sledding hill, Garr gave him a push down the hill to me, he smiled and laughed the whole way down, it was really cute!
Harper's first time sledding with his Dad!

Harper and his snowman, he just wanted to knock it down like he does with his blocks, such a boy!

Relaxing with Dad inside the cabin

Playing Jenga has become a cabin tradition, we are exceptionally good and it gets pretty intense!

This proves that our child is a dare devil (me, as the mother does not like this) Harper would jump off the top bunk on his own, Garr would put one hand under his belly in mid air and help him land on the bed below. Harper did this over and over during our stay, it worries me what he is going to do next.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brooke's Bridal Shower

Brooke, the Beautiful Bride to Be, so happy to be opening gifts to "Stock her Kitchen" at her Bridal Shower!

Me & Brooke, just after she opened my gift to her.

I made this trio of serving dishes for Brooke, by gluing a decorative plate to a candlestick or other type of bottom. I was relived that she liked them!

Douglas Women!

This was the best gift Brooke got all day (in my opinion), Brooke's friend and friend's mom attached this sexy lingerie to an apron, a note came with it
"Chef Brooke, Cooking is an Art, so Dress up for it!"
We all had a good laugh at this!