Friday, February 24, 2012

True Happiness

Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone, put my fear of worrying what others think and share some very personal experiences that have happened in our life recently.
Fall of 2010 Garrett and I decided it was time to start attending church again, and to stop ignoring the spirit that Harper has brought into our home. I will never forget the fear I felt walking into Sacrament Meeting for the first time, I will also never forget the immediate love we were given from everyone around us. Since then our lives have been blessed with the strength to change, it felt as if we were given the chance at a new beginning, step out of our old life and into a new one with much more clarity on true happiness for our family. This change didn't always come easy, but the work and effort we have put in has paid off time and time again.

Watching my Husband and Son want to learn, grow, and develop their own love for the church has been an amazing experience for me as a Wife and Mother. About a month ago Garrett was ordained an Elder in the Priesthood by his Dad. This is a day that I looked forward to for quite some time and I'm so proud of him for this accomplishment. It was a very spiritual day, one I will never forget. It was our Ward Conference, just before Sacrament meeting the Stake President came over and said he may call Garrett up to bear his testimony if he felt it was right. WOW! My nerves were through the roof for him, luckily time ran short so he was let off the hook. After our meetings our wonderful and supportive family met at our church for his ordination. We were privileged to have the entire Stake Presidency and two of our Bishopric Members there, along with both our Dads, Mike - our brother in law and Logan - Garr's younger brother. The blessing was amazing, perfect, and very touching. President Thompson then invited both Garrett and I to share our testimonies for our family, so I guess we weren't really off the hook :) Hearing my loving Husband share his feelings, beliefs for the gospel and things he is grateful for is a big deal to me, my most favorite gift of all time. He is one amazing man and I have loved watching him grow into the man I always knew he was. It felt so good for me as well to share with our families what I have learned to believe it, to express my love for them. All of them have been a great example for us and I will be forever grateful for them. We had a small celebration for Garrett back at our house, we loved having our families together in our home! Thank you for coming!

The next step in our journey has been preparing for our Family to be Sealed in the Temple. Another wonderful experience from Temple Preparation classes, to studying the scriptures together, and temple recommend interviews. Last night is what I mostly want to share about. Our final and last thing to check off our list: Interview with the Stake President, who I must say is an amazing man, he is very in tune with the spirit and has been a great support for us. First thing he asked if Garrett had given me a priesthood blessing yet, which he had not and I have had a cold and not feeling well so it was the perfect time to receive one. President Thompson instructed Garrett on what to do, I knew he would do well but I was also nervous for him, just being in the presence of the Stake President and all for his first time. Tears came from the moment my Husband placed his hands on my head, the blessing was perfect, powerful, and very personal. This is one of those moments that I never want to forget and I hope by writing this it can help me relive how I felt at that time. Garrett - I have never felt more proud than to be your Wife, I look forward to a lifetime and eternity of Happiness with you and our children. I thank you with all of my heart for the choices you have made to help change our life and for the example you are to me and Harper.

I have never been more excited than to invite our family and close friends to the sealing of our family. Emotional messages have been coming all day, those words are what inspired me to write and not be afraid of my beliefs! I have never felt more happiness and love for everything around me, I feel I have a completely new outlook on life and want to be better about sharing those feelings. I have been touched by others words lately and want to do the same for someone else, even if it's just one person. I hope all those who know and love us, will not look at us different for the changes we have made, that is one of my greatest fears. Someone very dear to me explained that faith is the opposite of fear. I want my faith to outshine my fear and always have the knowledge and confidence to share what I believe and what means the very most in life to me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Friends!

As time gets closer to Hazelyn's arrival, I wanted to express my love for my sweet Harper. Now, don't get me wrong I am ecstatic about having a little girl, and can't wait to build a friendship with her. I look forward to watching her grow, learn, and experience all the joys that come with being a Mother to a Daughter.
I have been very emotional about Harper not being "my baby" anymore. The relationship he and I share is priceless to me. I have never been more proud than to be his Mom, to teach him, to be his comfort, and watch him develop into everything and more that I dreamed my Son would be.
He truly is a GIFT sent from Heaven!
My day starts with him climbing into bed to snuggle, asking me if he can play with my hair. This is something he has done since he was very little, he notices if I've pulled my hair up during the day and requests for me to put it down so he can play with it. I will cherish this forever and love the comfort it brings to both of us!
Harper is the best HELPER and wants to be involved in everything I do throughout the day. I had to take a step back and realize this won't last forever, so I now slow down and let him help. We make meals together, do laundry, clean bathrooms, dust and anything else you can think of. Getting things done takes a lot longer but I enjoy his company and the teaching experience it is for him. He has become more independent as he plays, he is very creative with games and stories he makes up with his toys. I enjoy sitting, watching him play and always wonder what he is going to come up with next.
Harper is now in a big boy bed, and to no surprise had no problem adjusting to this change. I feel so lucky/blessed to have him in my life. There are days he is so tired he tells me he's ready to nap, climbs right into bed and is asleep in minutes. I'm so glad he loves to sleep like his Mama!
One of my favorite things about Harper is that he is a LISTENER! He gets this from his Dad. No matter what is going on around him, he is listening and remembers what he has heard. He does not FORGET anything and has a MEMORY that blows me away.
I could spend my entire day writing about my little man, and feel I have done a good job documenting his life through pictures and writing something about each day on a calendar to cherish forever!
Harper I love you through and through! You bring joy to me that I didn't know existed. I thank you for making me the happiest Mom and for being YOU!
"We'll always be friends forever, Yeah forever"