Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was jam-packed with FUN!

Garrett left work early Friday so we could attend Brooke's
college graduation from Weber State. We were glad to be there and support her.
We are so proud of all her hard work!

Saturday we hosted a party for Garrett's 28th Birthday and had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I had so much fun putting this together and think they all had a great time. These 4 kids are the cutest and most fun kids to be around. I love them to pieces and love when Harper gets to spend time with his Cousins.

Harper jumping on his new Trampoline from his Douglas Grandparents. He says "bounce bounce" the whole time he is on it! He thinks it's the greatest thing ever and loves to be on it playing.

Such a happy Boy! Cheesing big for the Camera

Our Little Family before Church.
Harper gets so excited to go to "Nursery's House" as he calls it, that Sacrament Meeting can be a challenge some days more than others. As soon as the prayer is over he is out is the door looking for his classroom. His teachers are awesome and so good to him, he says "Bye Mom" sits on his chair and is ready for me to go.

I had to have this outfit for him when I saw it! I love blue on him, it makes his eyes stand out and more beautiful than they already are.
He was really good about letting me take his picture.

He is growing up way too fast, I love the stage he is in right now.
He communicates so well with us and is starting to say funny random things.

At my parents house for Easter Dinner - my favorite! My parents got this bike for Harper to keep at their house, he got right on and started pushing himself around saying "vroom" he would steer all around the house crashing into anything in his way. I am really looking forward to the weather warming up so I can take him over there and let him ride it outside.

Garrett and my younger sister Tenli share a Birthday. We had a combined party for them along with Easter. My family spoiled Garr and bought him a bike trailer to pull Harper in, he was so excited he couldn't wait to set it up.
My Dad still hides an Easter Prize for each kid, so after dinner we were all anxious to start looking. After 10 minutes of looking no one had found their gift card, so my parents gave us a hint saying that they are all hidden together and where they are hidden was visible when we arrived but now it is not. Okay, we are all way confused, then my mom says that I am the only one who probably noticed it because I touched it. Now the pressure is one me, I realize I was cleaning up in the kitchen and put a loaf of bread away and my mom gave me a funny look after doing so. I get out the bread and my brother opens it to find all of our gift cards stuffed in the middle. We had a really good laugh! Growing up my dad was notorious for making someone cry every year because he hid the Easter basket so well.
I love being with my family and all of our fun traditions, I love even more to watch Harper be a part of them!