Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hazelyn Marjean Douglas

Last Friday was our Ultrasound appointment to find out the gender of our Baby. Garrett took the day off and took Harper and I to breakfast at Sill's Cafe (a local favorite). Our appointment was not until 3:30 so we spent the day getting things done around the house. I attempted to take a nap but that was not going to happen, too much excitement! Finally the time came, we took Harper to my Mom's then went to the doctors. I had so many emotions running through me, nervous, anxious, and thrilled, that at any moment I could have burst into tears. Well it didn't take long for those tears to come, it is amazing to see your unborn child and hear that we are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby GIRL!
At our last doctors appointment (14 1/2 weeks pregnant) our doctor did an ultrasound, she told us not to hold it to her but she thought it was a girl. So for a month we have somewhat known we were having a girl.
The name we picked for our sweet girl has much meaning, we have loved these names since before Harper was born. The name Hazel is a bit too popular for my liking even though I love the name, so we added Lyn. Her name is pronounced
Haze Lyn (2 syllables).
My mom's name is JoLyn so there is meaning behind Lyn. Marjean is both my Grandma's and Garrett's Grandma's name, although the spelling of Garr's Grandma is MarGene. We have known since we were married if we had a girl her middle name would be Marjean. We love and adore our Grandma's and are very proud to name our daughter after them.

Harper is very excited to be a big brother to a little sister. We couldn't wait to get back to him to tell him and show him pictures from the ultrasound. He talks about Hazelyn all the time, asks where she is, says her full name out of no where. He is going to be much help to me, I look forward to seeing him in his new role as a brother.
I am a bit obsessed shopping for a girl - it is a whole new world! We picked out a few newborn outfits for her and I've already ordered her bedding set. We decided we'd move Harper into what is now the toy room and put Hazelyn into Harper's room, hopefully without having to paint. So I started looking online to find bedding to match light blue walls and found the cutest set. Once I saw it I had to have it. I'm so excited for it to come and can't wait to fill her closet and get everything ready for a baby again.

I am very grateful to be pregnant with the sweet gift of a little girl. She is going to bring so much joy into our lives.
I love you Hazelyn and can't wait to hold you in my arms.

19 weeks

Monday, October 17, 2011


Since the day we bought our house 4 years ago, we have wanted to replace the floors. We finally decided it was time to just do it, well little did we know it would be quite the process!

This is the vinyl tiles that were under our bar. They separated over time because of sliding bar stools in and out. I know, GROSS!

After 2 days of demo! We had a few surprises during the demo which I guess is to be expected. It was so much work, my brothers and dad helped a ton! We couldn't have done it without them.

Our front room, turned into the kitchen for a few days. We got so used to the fridge being in here, we would come to the front room even after our fridge was back in place! It is so nice to have your kitchen back after almost of week of no stove to cook on.

Handy Harper - always willing to help and wanting to do whatever Dad is doing!

YEAH! Floors are in, I'm keeping this post positive because I don't want to go into detail about all the problems we faced. It would take me an hour to write it up and bore you to death. Here again is Harper being the awesome helper he is, I never have to worry about dirty floors, he loves to help clean them!

Finished TV area & Harper's new way of saying "cheese" screaming at the top of his lungs and pulling this face! How can you not love it!!!

Front room - I hated this room for years until we turned it into an office earlier this year and now it is my favorite room in the house!
We LOVE new our floors and how durable they are and how great they look!!! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped with this project, we love and appreciate you all!
A special thanks to my Man for his constant hard work for weeks and for spoiling me with these floors!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July 2011

Boating at Willard. Harper loved to jump off the back of the boat into the water to his Dad, Harper thinks his Dad is so cool while he is wake boarding. He loved every minute of being on the boat and on the beach playing in the sand.

Harper and his Waters Aunts and Uncles. He loves them all so much and know when he is around them that he can get them to do just what he wants. They are all so good to him!

Harper and Ethan Best Friends. Birthday pictures. Harper (2) Ethan (3)

Birthday Party with Waters family at Roy pool

Opening his cowboy boots from Aunt Bri and Uncle Jordan. He wanted to put them on right away!

Happy 2nd Birthday Harper. He loved his birthday and still asks if it's his Happy Birthday. He asked for a bike and was so excited to open it.

Big Boy blowing out his candles

Playing at Layton park, we fed the ducks and played at the playground.

I took my sister and her fiances engagement pictures in Logan canyon and at a Nature park close by. They were fun to take and loved spending time with them trying to get them to laugh and smile for me.
Can't wait for their big day!

June 2011

Happy Happy Harper

Star Valley Trip. Harper loved bowling

I've really learned to love golf, the courses in Star Valley are so pretty and so much fun to golf. I bought my own set of clubs after this trip and can't wait to use them on our next trip. I made this shot of the pond, I was so excited!

Garrett the Jenga Master!

Happy Father's Day, Harper is the luckiest boy to have you as his Dad!

Carnival in Sryacuse, we couldn't get Harper off these rides, no surprises there

Giving his car a wash

May 2011

As you can tell I'm not so good at keeping our blog updated, I got wild hair today and decided it's time to share about the past few months.

I took our Family Pictures and love how they turned out

My sweet boy always gives the camera a big cheese smile!

Harper's first visit to the Zoo, he had 6 adults around him taking his picture and watching his reaction to each animal. His favorite is still the elephants.

Mother's Day - my boys spoiled me with an Ipad 2, Harper knows how to use it as well as I do. It's been a fun toy to have.

Mike and Brooke's Wedding. It was a perfect day, happy bride and groom, beautiful weather, and lots of time with family. They had their reception where we were married, it was so much fun to be back there and be involved in their wedding!

We have been working on our basement, Garr and two neighbors framed and did the electrical, then we had this fireplace installed. I'm so excited for the finished project and to get decorating!

Birthday get away to Zion's National Park. We stayed at the most beautiful resort -Desert Pearl. I could have done an entire blog on this trip.

We hiked several different spots, each as pretty as the other. We had such a good time and hope to go back someday soon. Lots to see and do there.

This picture cracks me up, Harper is wearing his Aunt Bri's boots, and thought he was so cool!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was jam-packed with FUN!

Garrett left work early Friday so we could attend Brooke's
college graduation from Weber State. We were glad to be there and support her.
We are so proud of all her hard work!

Saturday we hosted a party for Garrett's 28th Birthday and had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. I had so much fun putting this together and think they all had a great time. These 4 kids are the cutest and most fun kids to be around. I love them to pieces and love when Harper gets to spend time with his Cousins.

Harper jumping on his new Trampoline from his Douglas Grandparents. He says "bounce bounce" the whole time he is on it! He thinks it's the greatest thing ever and loves to be on it playing.

Such a happy Boy! Cheesing big for the Camera

Our Little Family before Church.
Harper gets so excited to go to "Nursery's House" as he calls it, that Sacrament Meeting can be a challenge some days more than others. As soon as the prayer is over he is out is the door looking for his classroom. His teachers are awesome and so good to him, he says "Bye Mom" sits on his chair and is ready for me to go.

I had to have this outfit for him when I saw it! I love blue on him, it makes his eyes stand out and more beautiful than they already are.
He was really good about letting me take his picture.

He is growing up way too fast, I love the stage he is in right now.
He communicates so well with us and is starting to say funny random things.

At my parents house for Easter Dinner - my favorite! My parents got this bike for Harper to keep at their house, he got right on and started pushing himself around saying "vroom" he would steer all around the house crashing into anything in his way. I am really looking forward to the weather warming up so I can take him over there and let him ride it outside.

Garrett and my younger sister Tenli share a Birthday. We had a combined party for them along with Easter. My family spoiled Garr and bought him a bike trailer to pull Harper in, he was so excited he couldn't wait to set it up.
My Dad still hides an Easter Prize for each kid, so after dinner we were all anxious to start looking. After 10 minutes of looking no one had found their gift card, so my parents gave us a hint saying that they are all hidden together and where they are hidden was visible when we arrived but now it is not. Okay, we are all way confused, then my mom says that I am the only one who probably noticed it because I touched it. Now the pressure is one me, I realize I was cleaning up in the kitchen and put a loaf of bread away and my mom gave me a funny look after doing so. I get out the bread and my brother opens it to find all of our gift cards stuffed in the middle. We had a really good laugh! Growing up my dad was notorious for making someone cry every year because he hid the Easter basket so well.
I love being with my family and all of our fun traditions, I love even more to watch Harper be a part of them!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Monday Night Garrett took Harper to his first Jazz Game! Garrett is the BEST Dad Ever - he was so excited to have Harper all to himself and go cheer on the Jazz. When he came home from work, we had dinner together then Garrett got Harper ready for the game, Harper had to wear his Michael Jordan jacket! I missed them while they were gone but loved that they could have this time together.
This is Harper looking out the window in the play area, there is a playground with slides and room to run.

This face is priceless, he is so happy! Harper loves to cheer for the Jazz when we are at home, so I can only imagine his excitement being at the game. I'm guessing this is after Dad spoiled Harper with lemonade, ice cream, and pop corn!

Of course Harper made a new friend, he loves to say hi to kids where ever we go! These two were high 5-ing, giving knuckles and cheering together.
Thanks Garr for making memories with Harper and being an awesome Dad!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full
One for the Master, one for the Dame,
One for the Little Boy who lives down the lane.

Harper says this entire nursery rhyme! It is so cute, my favorite part is when he says "yes sir, yes sir" just the way he makes the "s" sound is so funny! I brought home a library book called "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and now it's his favorite book. I read it several times a day while he fills in the other parts of the book he knows.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star Valley Cabin

Last weekend we headed up to Star Valley, Wyoming to stay at a cabin Garrett's parents own a share of. We love being up there, enjoying the scenery and family, and having a little get away from home.I am not one who loves the snow but I actually had a great time sledding, most of that may be watching Harper enjoy it. Garrett calls Harper an adrenaline junky, as soon as the tube stopped moving he was saying "again". We laid him on his back at the top of the sledding hill, Garr gave him a push down the hill to me, he smiled and laughed the whole way down, it was really cute!
Harper's first time sledding with his Dad!

Harper and his snowman, he just wanted to knock it down like he does with his blocks, such a boy!

Relaxing with Dad inside the cabin

Playing Jenga has become a cabin tradition, we are exceptionally good and it gets pretty intense!

This proves that our child is a dare devil (me, as the mother does not like this) Harper would jump off the top bunk on his own, Garr would put one hand under his belly in mid air and help him land on the bed below. Harper did this over and over during our stay, it worries me what he is going to do next.