Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing - Growing - Growing

Here are a few super cute pictures of Harper from September - October.

This is the face I see all day - so smiley and full of laughter

Aunt Bri dressed him in this lil gansta outfit! Rockin his high tops and all!

Daring Harper climbs up the ottoman then jumps onto the couch, this is only the beginning of what he will figure out. Such a boy.

Love my little man

Harper loves the camera and knows just what to do, he says cheese even if he is not getting his picture taken.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching up - July

July is my new favorite month of the year!

Independence Day Celebrations, Harper's Birthday, Our Wedding Anniversary, the HOT weather, and all the FUN things that come with Summer!

The theme for Harper's 1st Birthday party was "Surf's Up" I made this surfboard cake all by myself (well Garrett helped a little) I had a lot of fun making this for my sweet son and hope I can top this cake next year!

My very thoughtful Mom made this footprint of Harper for me - that's right I received a present on my son's birthday!

I made Harper an ABC book with pictures of him holding items of the alphabet, it reminded me why I don't like to scrapbook but it turned out really cute, he loves to see himself in a book and I'm very proud of my work.

The birthday boy was not interested in eating his cake, of course he loved the ice cream but just played in the cake and frosting!

Harper started walking the beginning of July. All it took was one brave attempt and then he had it mastered and was walking from our TV area into the kitchen. I was prepared for this because crawling was the very same.

Our handsome boy taken with our new camera, we had troubles getting some pictures from Harper's birthday off our old camera so off I went to buy a new one! I had been wanting this camera for a long time and thought what better reason so not to lose anymore valuable memories.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Las Vegas Here We Come!

Garr was so kind to drive the entire way! I'm a very nervous passenger but I must say I did pretty well with out any back seat driver comments.

View from our room on the 35th floor. When checking in we were given the option a high floor or low floor, we chose high - second from the top! I was a bit freaked out at first but the view was amazing.

Night view is always much better.

Front of Treasure Island where they put on a show on this boat.
It's very ridiculous, don't waste your time.

Saturday we were at the pool right as it opened to make sure we could get lawn chairs. We spent most of the day there, enjoying the sun and lots of good "people watching"!

Please look past me in this picture and pay attention to the guy in the speed-o! There were a group of guys from a fraternity all wearing speed-o's, it was hilarious. We ended up leaving the pool because their party got so big, we felt run out by the speed-o's!!!!

View from the pool

The pool at Treasure Island is not very big, it was this crowded all day. We are so glad we had chairs to lay on.

My very handsome Husband in our room. The room was newly remodeled, it was very fresh and contemporary, just our style!

On our way to the Forum Shops to find Harper a present. I was so excited to buy him something, we searched until we found the perfect thing for him. We ended up getting a stuffed animal dog that says "someone who loves me went to las vegas and got me this dog" we thought it was so cute and since Harper loves dogs it was perfect!

Pretty much the only picture we have of the 2 of us and Garr took it!

We ate dinner and watched a UFC fight at Kahunaville. This was a crab salad that was as good as it looks!

We were hoping you could see the view behind us but it didn't work so well.
We had a great time together, we look forward to our next vacation!

Garrett's Birthday Weekend

Garrett turned 27 in April, we did lots of celebrating all weekend.

Cute picture of Harper I had to add in. We are in the car running errands getting things ready for Garr's birthday party.

After dinner with the Douglas family we came back to our house for ice cream cake. Harper loved helping Dad open presents and blow out the candles.

Garrett, Harper, and Bennett. The cutest Douglas Boys!

We went to a few Jazz playoff games around Garr's birthday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness!

Another busy month has come and gone. I didn't do so well taking pictures this month, I was too busy chasing Harper. He loves to climb up our back door so he can look out and watch our dog Mac. Harper is fascinated with Mac and is going to be chasing him around the yard in no time!

Harper turned 8 months old on St. Patrick's Day, he now has his 2 bottom teeth in. His smile just got that much cuter!

Saturday was my Grandma's Easter party, I have such an awesome family with many fun traditions.
We play a mean game of dodge ball, you have to watch your back at all times or you'll get hit.

My Grandma has the best Easter Egg Hunt for MONEY! She hides paper Easter eggs, each color is worth a different amount of money. This is my Grandma and Mom with all the kids cashing in their eggs for Money.

I get to relive the Easter egg hunt through Harper! Since Garrett and I have been married I haven't been able to participate, so it was great to be apart of the fun again!

Isn't this the sweetest picture! I just love Harper so much and can't get enough of him.

Spring is finally here! We have been waiting months for this warm weather. I love not having to put pants and socks on Harper, he has the cutest legs and feet and I love for them to show.

Gotta love the bum in the air sleep position!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not so little anymore

Sipping on his bottle, he loves to hold it on his own. His feet are always flying in the air while he drinks his bottle. He has learned how to "play" during feedings instead of chug his bottles!

Harper's new favorite thing to do is climb and pull himself up onto our furniture. This morning I was in our kitchen looking into our tv area and up pops Harper's little head with a huge grin on his face because he was able to see me over the couch! Our entertainment center is such a challenge because he wants to explore but the edges are so sharp that it makes me nervous.

Crawling is now an ease for our little man. He is all over our house, exploring rooms, air vents, electric plugs and all the fun new things at his level.

This picture best describes Harper, smiling and laughing, happy as can be!
His personality has begun to show, he is going to be a lot like his dad - very easy going, and full of positive energy! Garrett gives him the best mohawks!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just plain cute...

Super Bowl Sunday!

No, Harper did not stand up on his own! Garrett stood him up after we moved his crib down a level. Harper loves to play in his crib after he wakes up in the mornings and after rest time.

Harper and Bennett, best buds for life! Harper is in the middle of a huge giggle. He is such a happy baby, who loves to smile and laugh. Both of these boys have the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen.

Mr. Stud wearing Daddy's hat.

Harper is now crawling! He is getting the hang of it very easy and is going to be all around our house in no time. The child proofing has begun!

You may or may not know that we are BIG JAZZ FANS! Our friends/neighbors gave Harper this Deron Williams jersey. Harper is going to be the future star player for the Jazz, he already loves watching basketball!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peas Peas Peas

Harper had his first solid vegetable this week - PEAS! I am making my own baby food, this was my first attempt. It is very easy and totally worth it, I enjoy making it and love knowing exactly what he is eating.

This face is priceless! He is saying "seriously Dad, do I have to eat this!"

Choking down another bite! He actually loves it now, I can't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough, he leans forward waiting for his next bite.

He is such a good eater and I'm excited to introduce another food.
Here is a little video clip, watch for the shiver, it cracks me up every time!