Friday, January 28, 2011

Harper is our pride and joy! He is in a very fun stage in life, here are a few cute little things he is up to.

Our little man is extremely smart, he is learning colors (although most things are blue) This tool box has helped him learn to count to 10 (skipping 5) He mostly counts 7-8-9-10. He also knows all the tools that come with this set and where to use them, the hammer, saw, wrench, screwdriver, drill, and drill bits. He amazes me with the information he knows!

Harper is very coordinated and has been since he was very little (he did not get this from his Mom) This is him running as fast as he can down our hall. He climbs on a stool to sit down on it, goes down a slide all by himself, rocks in a rocking chair and many more things. Watching him you would think he is at least 2 years old.

This is Cuddle Corner where he keeps all his stuffed animals. He gives each of them a hug and kiss almost everyday. Harper is a very tender loving little boy, he has a new love for Babies. Harper and I read lots of book in Cuddle Corner, as I read to him I can stop reading and he will fill in the next word or two. He is now talking in sentences with 3-5 words. He says "where Mom/Dad go", "I don't know", "help please", "I love you" and many more cute sayings.

My Mom recently got out her play dishes, they keep Harper entertained for hours. He stirs, and adds salt and pepper and has everyone around taste what he has made. He has a great imagination and I'm always looking forward to what he'll come up with next.

So I can cook dinner in peace, I've started turning on a show for Harper to watch. He lounges on the couch usually all tucked in a blanket and hardly blinks the entire time! His favorite thing to watch is "Signing Time" and is picking up signs all on his own. Another favorite is Mickey Mouse Club House, he screams with excitement when he sees Mickey and loves doing the Hot Dog dance with all the characters.
Everyday with Harper is new and fun,
I love being able to stay home and watch him grow!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shout Outs!

I used to have this thought in the back of my mind, that I wanted to move away and be all on our own as a little family. Recently, I have realized how much I would be missing out on and that I love being around to support friends and family and spend lots of time with everyone close to us.
Here are a few "shout outs" for those I've spent time with lately, who have made me feel so much love!

My Mom/Grammy/Grandma JoJo
- is in the process of remodeling her front room and since I love interior design I've been helping her pick options for paint color, wall paper, and furniture. It has been so much fun to look at new styles and spend time designing the home I grew up in with my Mother who I love and adore.
My Gram/Grandma Great - yesterday Harper and I drove to Provo to spend the day with my Grandma. She is the best Grandma ever, no one can compare to the love and support she shows to each grandchild and great grandchild. Harper was so excited to go to her house, saying "Grandma Great" all the way there. He loved playing with all the toys in her toy cupboard, walking around the mall, eating a yummy lunch at Rumbi. She also took us to the Bean Museum on BYU campus, it is full of animals from around the world. The main exhibit was safari animals, all his favorites (elephants, zebras, etc). Harper was in heaven exploring the museum. I was lucky enough to have a close relationship with my grandparents even though we lived away from them and want the same for Harper with each of his grandparents.
Tenli - was with us yesterday as well, we have really missed having her so close living at home but are so proud of all the hard work she does going to school at BYU. Harper loves her so much and pulls her around to play with him. She is an amazing Aunt and Sister.

We have the privilage of being part of two upcoming weddings this year, one on each side of our family.
Bri - My best friend and sister is getting married in September. There is nothing better than spending time with my sisters and Mom planning her wedding, we always have a great time together and I can't wait to watch everything come together and to see her marry Jordan, her boyfriend of 5 years.
Brooke - is getting married in May. We had Brooke over for dinner the other night, she told us lots of plans for her and Mike's big day. She has invited me to go see her try on her wedding dress for the first time in just a few hours! I can not wait to see her in it, she will be a beautiful bride and look forward to celebrating her.
Kate - a very close girlfriend of mine. I've missed out on having girlfriends who weren't family through out my life. Kate is a wonderful friend and Mom to Ethan, Harper's best buddy. We have so much fun getting together with them to play, run, or have lunch. We look forward to a lifetime of friendship with them.
Garrett - last but not least, definitely deserves a huge shout out for working so hard to provide for our family and being a big family man! He loves his son so much and enjoys spending time with Harper, especially when it's just the two of them. He is always more than willing to spend time with our families and loves them all. Thanks for all your love!

Thanks again to all of you who do so many fun things for us and making memories to last a lifetime. We love having each of you in our life and look forward to the next event together! Hugs and Kisses!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just for Fun

Harper is now 18 months old! I've loved every minute of time with him around, he is such a fun boy with the sweetest personality. I made this height chart and hung it in our bathroom, I'm excited to watch Harper grow!

New Years Eve Garrett and I did some shopping and then went to dinner at Red Lobster (one of our favorite restaurants). Harper got to play at Grandma Jo's and Grandpa Terry's while we were out. We spent the rest of the evening together at home.

Starting off the New Year right with pictures of our favorite little man!

Harper is such a good mix of his Mom & Dad but this picture makes me realize how much he looks like his Dad!

Christmas came and went so fast! We spent lots of time with both Families. Here is Harper with all of his presents, he is one loved little boy!
Let's see if I can be better about blogging this year :)