Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peas Peas Peas

Harper had his first solid vegetable this week - PEAS! I am making my own baby food, this was my first attempt. It is very easy and totally worth it, I enjoy making it and love knowing exactly what he is eating.

This face is priceless! He is saying "seriously Dad, do I have to eat this!"

Choking down another bite! He actually loves it now, I can't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough, he leans forward waiting for his next bite.

He is such a good eater and I'm excited to introduce another food.
Here is a little video clip, watch for the shiver, it cracks me up every time!

Lion Love

Harper's Great Grandma Lyon gave him this stuffed animal lion, it has become his new favorite toy! He cuddles it, chews on the tail, and becomes ecstatic when I dangle it above him! Thanks Grandma Lyon!